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Assorted  Tarot Reading Cloths

20 x 20 inches

These single layer tarot-reading cloths are square with a wooly yarn edging hem (like dinner napkins or a tablecloth). This decorative edging not only looks good, but it also makes the cloth lie nice and flat, which is what we want in a tarot cloth. Most of the cloths are made from 100% cotton, unless state otherwise in the product description.

The scans of the cloths are shown close-up for easy viewing and represent only a portion of the actual spread cloth. These tarot reading cloths make wonderful rune casting and altar cloths too.  Over two dozen different cloths available.

Animal Guides cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Animal Guides cloth

Camelot cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Camelot cloth

Cat Moods cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Cat Moods cloth

Egyptian Pharaohs cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Egyptian Pharaohs cloth

Faery Wings cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Faery Wings cloth

Flower Fairies cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Flower Fairies cloth

Gifting Angels cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Gifting Angels cloth

Hermits Lantern, clrt-cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Hermits Lantern, clrt-cloth

Hermits Lantern, pp-cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Hermits Lantern, pp-cloth

Morgan LeFey cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Morgan LeFey cloth

Mythology cloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

Mythology cloth

World Dancer spreadcloth - Medium Tarot  Cloths

World Dancer spreadcloth

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