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Tarot at the Movies and on Television

On these pages you'll find a compilation of movies and television programs that have shown tarot cards in at least one scene. Your contributions to the list are welcome and needed! We have setup a form where you can submit your information in the format we need so that the listings remain consistent. To see the compiled lists, just click on the buttons below marked "Movies" or "Television."



Please use our "Tarot in the Media" form if you have contributions.

Thank you for your help! We hope you enjoy viewing films or TV programs from the list. We know that we do.

Major Contributors

Nina Lee Braden Cindy
Earl M. Baylon Mary K. Greer
Rachel Reznik Morgayne
MeeWah Nick
Monika Geenius at Wrok
Rhys Morrison Liliana
Rachel Thompson Kathryn McAllum
Seeker Helen Wildash


Other Contributors

Devi Raine Elaine Moertl
Barbara Kauffman Suzanne Carter
Stephen Boland Lori Hampson
Linda Tenney Jenni Lathem
Kamrusepas Marlene
Christine Shaw Jennifer Mays
FlagStache Kirali
TarotLady Happy Hardy
Chris Paradis Tarotbear
Laura Diamond
Mauricio Capon Lizz
Rev. RoseFairy Himani

Thank you for your contributions!
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