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Runes, Rune Bags, & Runecasting Cloths

Runes are engraved shapes in stone or wood that one "casts" on a cloth or prepared space. Like tarot cards, each rune has complex, layered meanings that defy simple interpretation. The most commonly used runes are called the Elder Futhark. They are an ancient alphabet from northern European cultures and a magical divination system with Germanic and Nordic origins. They're a magical tool for gaining insight & prophecy that was gifted to the God Odin after much sacrifice. Don't forget to check out our short bags and Tarot reading cloths too. They also make great rune pouches and casting cloths!

Wood and gemstone Futhark runes are here!
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Ash Tile Futhark Runes - Ash Runes Tiles Futhark

Ash Tile Futhark Runes

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Dark Bark Rune Bag - Runes & Bags

Dark Bark Rune Bag

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Perceptions Rune Bag - Runes & Bags

Perceptions Rune Bag

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Saga Rune Bag - Tarot Totes

Saga Rune Bag

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Sheesham Wood Futhark Runes - Runes & Bags

Sheesham Wood Futhark Runes

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White Magick Rune Bag - White Magick Rune Bag Pouch by Tarot Totes

White Magick Rune Bag

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Tree Bark Rune Bag - Runes & Bags

Tree Bark Rune Bag

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All of our cloth and silk products are individually handcrafted with care to ensure quality.
Please allow for slight, natural variations in size and pattern placement.

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