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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Ask 5 different readers how to lay a proper Celtic Cross tarot spread, and you'll get 7 different answers. While it is probably the most popular tarot spread, there are more than a few variations. The spread below is just one example of the possibilities.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

  1. Querent / Significator: Represents the person who's getting the reading.

  2. Obstacle / Challenge: Represents the problem or challenge that is being read. It may represent issues or perceptions that the querent must overcome before the issue can be resolved.

  3. Influences / Conscious: Represents the things that the querent already knows or feels about the issue, in their conscious mind. These things are important because they help "color" the querent's attitude about the issue; it puts the issue into a personal context.

  4. Root / Subconscious: Represents the things that the querent doesn't know she knows about the issue. Bringing subconscious factors to light is very important when dealing with an issue.

  5. Past: As it suggests, this card represents what events or actions in the past led to the current situation.

  6. Future: Represents the immediate future of the situation.

  7. Attitude: Shows the attitude of the querent about the issue, how they feel about or are responding to what is happening.

  8. Environment: Also called the "house and home" card, this represents what outside factors are influencing the situation.

  9. Hopes & Fears: What does the querent hope will happen? What is their greatest fear? Some readers will interpret either the positive or negative depending upon the card in this position. Others will see the duality in the card and interpret both hopes and fears from the same. Often the two are mirror images of eachother.

  10. Outcome: This is the most likely outcome of the situation, if things continue on the current path.

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