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Annual Forecast Tarot Spread

This spread appears in Nancy Shavick's book, The Tarot Reader, and is used to get a 12 month forecast. Meant to be cast only once a year, many readers like to use this spread on New Year's Day/Eve or on the client's birthday to reveal what can be expected in upcoming months.

The first card, in the 9 o'clock position, represents the current month. Place 11 more cards, moving counterclockwise to represent the subsequent months of the year. Record your reading so you can refer to it each month.

Yearly Forecast Tarot Spread


Some readers like to use a second card for each month, for further clarification, making this a 24 card spread. Betty Diamond, the former owner of Tarot Totes, looks at the primary card (the inner circle) as a noun and the secondary card (the outer circle) as an action verb, based on the imagery of the card. You can then expand the noun and verb into a complete sentence describing the month.

Example: Let's say you pull the Queen of Pentacles in noun position (inner circle) and the Strength card in the verb position (outer circle). The reader then chooses any relevant noun and verb that are appropriate, like "rich woman" for the Queen of Pentacles and "controls" for the Strength card. This card combination can then be expanded to "A rich woman controls you in March. Find the inner strength to resist this domination." Naturally, many possibilities exist for the interpretation of these two cards together.

Another Example: Hermit (noun) and Temperance (verb), may combine to be read as, "Solitude (Hermit) balances (Temperance) your busy life. Try to find time for yourself in June to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit."

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