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Win a quilted tarot reading mat

We at Tarot Totes like to offer newly designed products as prizes on our monthly Giveaways of tarot products. This month we are offering a lovely tarot reading mat. It is like a spreadcloth except we've added several luxurious and labor-intensive features. It is quilted, it has three layers, it is reversible, and it is easy to transport.  Once you're tried it, you may never be content with a simple spreadcloth again. 

If you haven't added your name to our monthly newsletter mailing list yet, now is the time to do it because you could win one of these lovely reading mats this month. Winner gets to pick which color he/she wants. Click the Giveaway button in the upper right corner of any Tarot Totes website page to enter your email address into the registry. We will keep your email address private.

We pick a winner every month. Good Luck!

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Tarot Totes

Rare and Collectible Tarot Decks

Have you been looking for a deck that has been out-of-print for a number of years? If so, your timing might be just right to fill that hole in your tarot collection. We have seven drawers packed with tarot decks and sets, most of which were acquired over ten years ago. None of the decks we will be listing will be worn or damaged. They haven't been used for readings or even shuffled. Sometimes a few cards modeled for us when we brought out a new tarot bag design or a spreadcloth. They didn't work very hard on those photo shoots, just leaned against our spreadcloths or popped their lovely heads out of our pretty tarot bags.

These pampered decks have been comfortably housed inside dust-free and light-free cabinets. So if you are a collector, please take a look at our Tarot Cards and Decks section of this website, . You might be pleasantly surprised to find a special deck.
For one month, we will offer these here at a set price, rather than at an auction on eBay. After that, the rarest ones will go up for auction.

Today, I listed Tarot Settanni, Ansata Tarot, and Angel Voices Oracle. Check back daily because more will be added soon. 

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Tarot Totes

Silks Galore. . . bags, cases, laycloths, wand pouches

How I love working with richly colored silk fabrics! Recently, we've been sewing up a storm in silk dupionni. Now, we have silk deck cases in over a dozen colors and silk spreadcloths in abundance too. If you want a silk wand pouch, it is yours for the asking (and a fee, of course). When it comes to our special double silk tarot deck sleepers then you can have those in any of 20 colors. 
Pamper your decks with Tarot Totes silks. We love to make these heirloom-quality tarot accessories. Such fun!

See photos in our January newsletter or simply type the word SILK into our Search Box to find all of the items that we make from silk. Remember, Silk is the queen of fabrics.

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Tarot Totes

New Tarot Totes studio

Whew! It's been a tough week. 
We had outgrown our old sewing studio and needed more space, so we made the move this week to a facility that is twice as large. It's wonderful having more room and a better organized design studio, but we are all feeling the effects of the move. Not only are there way too many decisions to make (Where does this go? Why there? What is more efficient? etc.) but also it is just plan physically exhausting to pack and move so many items then relabel shelves and containers.  On the positive side, we love having twice the room to work in. We'll post some pictures soon. The studio has excellent natural lighting and that is a big plus for artisans working with color and texture as we do. 

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