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Did someone give you a naked iPad? Cover it! Pamper and protect it! We

It is easy to cherish an iPad. I've had my precious iPad for about a year now and I bought one for my granddaughter last September. Both were without cases until recently. Inspired by the many fabrics that I use for Tarot Totes bags, I designed quilted fabric cases for ours and then went on to design about a dozen more for our Tarot Totes customers. We think you will love these "occupational" iPad and tablet carriers.

Take a look! From the Catalog page, just click on Quilted iPad Covers. Ours are completely unique in that they honor your hobbies and occupations. Plus, they are illustrated--rather like tarot cards. 

Make a statement with your iPad cover? Why not? The language of symbol will prevail forever.

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Tarot Totes

Hot new items! Padded Fabric-Covered Notepads, junior legal pad size

What fun it is to take recent fabric finds and see them come alive as new products for the Tarot Totes store! Yesterday, I focused on creating seven new notepad covers for holiday gift giving and I am so pleased with the colors, styles, and patterns that I could just burst. Please share my joy. Take a look at our new Notepad designs by clicking on NEW ITEMS in the catalog or by going directly to the TAROT NOTEPADS collection. 

Some of these match tarot bags and others match spreadcloths. Some of them were created to please the "gift for teen daughter market" and some were designed with women in mind. A few were created with our male tarot-reading friends in mind also. We think you will like what you see.

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Tarot Totes

Holiday Discounts: tarot decks & bags! Shopping for fairy or angel gift bags?

Fifteen tarot bags on sale now--plus all our decks are discounted way below suggested retail prices. Shop now at the Tarot Totes' store.

Quick link to Sales page:

Quick link to Decks page:

Quick link to Fairy and Angel bags for holiday gifts (17 different ones!)

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Tarot Totes

No new testimonials?

I just checked our Testimonials page and was surprised to see that none of our loyal customers have commented in over a year? Why the silence? You tell us in emails that you love our bags, spreadcloths, altar cloths, padded cases, etc. but you aren't writing anything on our Testimonials page.  Please help us out by writing your comments there too. Here's the link:

Our potential new customers really do look to see what others have experienced with us, so please share your feelings about our products and customer service. We feel pretty sure your words will be kind ones, because we really do try very hard to please everyone, but if you do have something negative and constructive to say go ahead and get it out there. That's the way we learn which area still need improvement.

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Tarot Totes

Someone is going to win a free tarot bag today!

Today, we drew the name for the next winner of a gorgeous new double-draw tarot bag. If you have signed up for our Giveaway+ newsletter on our website, then you have a chance to win. Good luck!!!
If you haven't signed up yet, you will miss out. By registering just your email address (no long form) you are eligible for our Giveaway drawings for December and all the months that follow, indefinitely until you tell us to remove you from the list. 

Since this is also our email list for our newsletter, you will receive one monthly email from us. It is short and simply announces what new tarot accessories we have created each month and what items we have put on sale.

Please join in on the fun. Sign up today!

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Tarot Totes

Had fun creating a new product today--Tarot Reading Mat

The creative process is fascinating. One thing always leads to another and sometimes you go off in a whole different directions on a whim. It's like following a hot air balloon.

My project today was to create a tarot reading cloth/mat exclusively for 3 to 5 card readings. I wanted it more durable than a single layer tarot cloth and I wanted it to be less likely to move when cards are picked up and put down. Happily, after a bit of trial and error, I reached my goal. I've made a reversible mat that is solid brown quilted fabric on one side and a lovely zodiacal print on the opposite side. I wanted it to be two cloths in one and that's what I ended up with. Hope you like it! Search for "Brown quilted tarot mat" to view it or just click the New Items button in the main Catalog.

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