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Personality Reading the Easy Way


Use your spreadcloth as a tool to make a pre-reading assessment of your client's personality and mood

 Some tarot readers like to allow the client to choose the spreadcloth for a tarot reading, when the reader has several. The client's choice may give valuable insights into his/her personality, which may help you make your reading more accurate and focused.

 How to use color to better understand your client:

  • First, name the colors in the cloth out loud in front of the client.
  • Then ask your client which color she likes best or which color she relates to the most.
  • Thank her/him and tell the client that it helps you to tune into her/his vibrations, which it does.
  • You will have immediate insight into the personality that you are dealing with. (It's a bit like asking for their astrological sign or birthdate to gain focus and insights for your tarot interpretations.)

Before you begin, of course, be sure that you have memorized the meanings of the colors associations or have printed out a chart to consult.

A color association-personality chart is available in the LEARN section of our website under the title "Personality Reading" or visit the Spreadcloth Collection to see which tarot reading cloths can help you with your Personality Readings.

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Tarot Totes

Year End Clearance Sale Start Today


It's time for us to clear out our inventory in preparation for new styles and fabrics. Save up to 50% on our selected bags, decks, books, and tarot layout cloths.

Shipping resumes on Dec. 26th. Nothing on sale now will reach you before Christmas.

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Tarot Totes

Holiday Final Markdown on tarot bags, 50% off


Final reduction on thirteen Tarot Totes designer-style bags for storing you tarot decks in high style. Here are some of the newly added selections:

  1. World Dancer
  2. Flower Fairies of Autumn
  3. Wizardcraft
  4. Alchemy Spells

All bags include a 20-inch luxurious cord, like those used for pillow trimming and elegant curtain draw backs. These tassel tipped cords draw the bags closed at the top.

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Tarot Totes

Discounted tarot bags at 25% of until Dec. 15


Check out our website to see our holiday sale bags. Some have gold, silver, or copper highlights on the fabrics. These gorgeous bags are 25% off.

  • Silver Stars
  • Predicitons
  • Fairy Ring
  • Pirate's Treasure Chest
  • Red Rose
  • Wildlife Mix
  • Victorian Steampunk
  • Rosy Gold Spirals
  • Spiral Stairway
  • Knowledge Keeper

All bags draw closed with a triple twist cord that ends with a tassel. So luxurious!

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Tarot Totes

30% off on selected tarot bags


You are going to love the variety of bags that we have on sale for 30% off. Here are some of their themes and titles:

  • Queen at Court
  • Neon Bright
  • Camelot, wide (oversized for wider than average decks)
  • Hands & Hearts
  • Pharaohs & Queens, giant (for large decks or books with decks)
  • Wolves
  • Into the Fey Forest, black
  • Huntress (cute cats)
  • and more

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Tarot Totes

50% off sale on 13 beautiful tarot bags


Don't miss our big holiday sale. Over a dozen tarot bags at 50% off!

Other tarot bags in various sizes at 25% and 30% off retail prices. More than 30 bags on sale right now.

Decks are on sale also. Visit the Decks section on our website.

Shop now to avoid holiday postal delays.

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