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Tarot for Cats, Universal Fantasy Tarot, Goddess Tarot +

We have the decks that you  want! Please browse our new, expanded collection of tarot decks. Click the tab titled "Catalog"  at the top of any page, then click "Tarot Cards & Decks."

View cards and descriptions for Tarot for Cats, Universal Fantasy Tarot, Goddess Tarot (pocket size), Spirit of Flowers Tarot, Moon Goddess, plus more.

Coordinating accessories are linked in a box at the bottom of each product page for your convenience. 

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Tarot Totes

Bag for Victorian Steampunk Tarot

 Do you love all thing associated with Steampunk literature and films? If so, you may have already purchased the beautifully rendered Victorian Steampunk Tarot deck. This is truly an exciting deck. Immediately upon viewing it we were inspired to design several cotton tarot bags and a spreadcloth to coordinate with the imagery of that deck.

We have bags with dragonflies, bees, beetles/bugs, and moths to match images on the suit cards of that deck.

In addition, we made a bag that we titled Spiral Stairway, which echoes the backsides of the cards with a similar geometric design.

Our designer also made a bag out of a fabric with multiple mirrors, all in ornate gilded frames. It is so very Victorian. See it here:

We think our black and gold gilded spreadcloth  (Elegance, 27 x 27") is ideal for spreading the cards of the Victorian Steampunk Tarot:

At the Tarot Totes' store, you'll find a bag or spreadcloth/mat to match almost any popular tarot deck that has been published in the last 18 years, that's how long we have been making tarot bags for tarot enthusiast worldwide. Please visit our catalog and click the TAROT BAGS button.

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Tarot Totes

Tarot decks at below retail prices

Here's your chance to get many of the most popular tarot decks available today at $4 to $10 below the retail prices.
We've listed more dazzling decks in our online store catalog--about 40 in the last month. You really don't want to miss out on these prices. 
Take a look at these soon-to-be collectibles: 
Faerie Tarot, Crowley Thoth-80 or 78 cards, Gothic Tarot of Vampires, Vampire Tarot, Tell Me Tarot, Tarot of White Cats, New Century Tarot, and Spiral Tarot.

With each deck listed, we have suggested beautiful tarot bags, padded deck cases, or spreadcloths that we have designed to coordinate with these unique decks, so feel free to put together an amazing gift package. We'll ship to someone else, if you make such a request. Or... give yourself a great gift package!

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Tarot Totes

Tarot enthusiasts, Here is your opportunity to expand your tarot deck collection at bargain pri...

Expand your tarot collection and save money. Up to $5 off on each deck.

Recently available decks at Tarot Totes' online store:

Tarot of the Renaissance (Trevisan), Lo Scarabeo Tarot, Native American Tarot (Tisselli)

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Tarot Totes

Tarot decks galore! Plus accessories made to match!

Are you a tarot collector? If so, you'll love the diversity of tarots that you'll find at Tarot Totes' store.

Newest tarot decks for sale
  • Universal Fantasy Tarot
  • 1001 Nights Tarot
  • Celtic Tarot
  • Secret Tarots
  • Medieval Tarot
We've designed more bags, layout/reading cloths, and padded decks cases just for these newly listed tarot decks. Please visit the Tarot Totes online store to view them. 

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Tarot Totes

Travel through time with tarot.

Is it time for you to expand your tarot collection? If so, don't miss these fascinating decks, all of which provide a telescopic view into other eras and cultures across the world.

Travel through time and space with these uniquely-themed decks:

Bruegel Tarot, Olympus Tarot, Viking Tarot, Voices of Saints oracle cards.

In addition, we have the Tarot of White Cats for the feline-favoring collectors.

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Tarot Totes

Multiple bags designed for our eight new decks! Come see them.

Tarot Totes has just listed eight more decks. Collectors, see if you can find that unusual deck that you have been searching for. Naturally, we've also designed bags, spreadcloths, and padded deck cases to go with these lovely decks, so don't forget to follow the links to related items and accessories. We think you will love what you see!

Decks: Tarot of Atlantis, Pagan Tarot, Tarot of the Journey to the Orient, Harmonious Tarot, Pictorial Key Tarot, Ramses Tarot, Witchy Tarot, Tarot of the Mermaids. 

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Tarot Totes

Decks at low prices, some even $8 below retail

Even more tarot decks for sale.
We're offering these scarce, hard-to-find decks:
Dragon Tarot, Etruscan Tarot, Gay Tarot, Tarot Art Nouveau. You won't find these unique Lo Scarabeo tarots at just any book or gift shop. Tarot collectors love these! We think you will too. All of these decks are printed with card titles in four to six languages. How cool is that!

On our website, check out the purple box below each product to see links to the tarot bags and spreadcloths that we have designed to go with these lovely decks.

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Tarot Totes

Six tarot decks added today!

We've listed more decks in our online store--about 20 in the last week. Today we began offering Tarot of Reflections, Tarot of the 78 Doors, Golden Tarot of the Renaissance, The Sorcerers Tarot, and Golden Tarot of Klimt. In addition, we brought back Egyptian Tarot. Naturally, we've listed all of these at $3 to $6 below suggested retail price. Take a look and see if something calls to you. 

With each deck listing, we suggest coordinating tarot bags, padded deck cases, or spreadcloths that we have designed to coordinate with these unique decks. We hope you love our decks and accessories!

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