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Oh so busy!

Dozens of new bags and spreadcloths have been added to our online catalog in the last week and a half. We hope you enjoy this new line of products and find something so perfect that you simply can't resist it. To see them all, click the catalog category called NEW DESIGNS. Then click the thumbnail pictures of the items that you want to know more about to read the descriptions and see larger pictures. We had fun making these divination products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. -The Creative Team.

By the way, we just received a shipment of silk fabric. Consequently, many of the silk spreadcloths that we were out of during the last two months, are now available. Please check to see if we have your favorite color. Sadly, we are still searching for a good source for ordering royal blue silk because our current supplier seems to be out of it every time we try to order it. We have some royal blue and imperial blue silk cut up and ready for double silk bags/sleepers, but nothing large enough for our 20 x 20 or 30 x 30 spreadcloths yet. 

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Tarot Totes

New Products per your requests

I've been working all day today scanning bags/spreadcloths and writing descriptions for our newest products. We love these new fabrics. They are all so pretty! Most of the new bags are the "Regency" double draw bags, which can be found under our Tarot Bags category in our catalog. To find the bags, use the search box and type these words in separate boxes: Flutter, Lime Lava, Flair, Interaction, Kaleidoscope, Gifting Angels. (Six different double-draw bags)

Two of the four new spreadcloths have metallic accents. Those are always popular. Visit the "Gilded Glitz" section of our spreadcloth collection to see those or type the following names, one at a time, into our Search box: Moon Phases, Marbled-Endpapers, Gilded Leaves, Starscape . 

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Tarot Totes

Free Tarot Deck

We realized last month that we have given away lots of tarot bags, but no tarot deck for quite some time, so next month, in July, we have selected the Native American Tarot Deck for our Giveaway prize.

If you have already enrolled in our newsletter List, then you don't need to do anything else. You are registered for the Giveaway too. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so by clicking the Giveaway button on our website at It is in the upper right hand corner. 

Do you know someone that would like to expand his or her tarot deck collection? If so, please tell you friends about this contest via your blogs, email Lists, or Facebook page. 

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