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Tarot Bag Winners

Congratulations to Lee Ralston, Dustin Clifton, Debra Rosenthal, Tiffany Chan, and Tanja Muncey! They each won a tarot bag from Tarot Totes' online store. 

Why not share the good fortune. Tell all your friends about our Product Giveaways! It's easy to register. Just sign up for our monthly newsletter and you are automatically enrolled in the drawings.
Register here:

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Tarot Totes

Seven new double draw bags and three spreadcloths

New colors and themes of fabric have provided the inspiration for our summer line of double draw tarot bags. Have you been looking for a bag with leaves, branches, or acorns? If so, you will love what you see in our New Items section.

We've also designed  two new tarot bag and spreadcloth sets: one in turquoise and white and another in coral, white, and peach.
If dragonflies and gold gilded fabrics inspire you, then you just might fall in love with our Dazzling Dragonflies bag. Another gilded fabric was made into a bag and called Festive Foliage. 
Is there a naked tarot deck in you home that needs protection and pampering? If so, we have the perfect place for it.

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Tarot Totes

Do you ZenTangle?

Recently, I've become enthralled with Zentangle designs. I bought the Walter Foster art instruction book called The Art of Zentangle and have been drawing madly ever since. Naturally, when I found a fabric that was designed in this same fun, creative, beautiful, yet structured style, I absolutely had to buy it and make a new tarot bag and spreadcloth from it. What I love about this white, peach, and coral fabric is that it has enough white space in it that it can easily be customized with a fabric-safe pen like the ones made by Fabrico and DecoFabric. Those are found in craft and sewing stores. I think my customers will like it that they can customize their bag or spreadcloth by coloring in the white shapes anyway they please. 
Do you love ZenTangle too? If so, take a look at our Zentangle-inspired tarot bag/spreadcloth in the New Items section of our online catalog. 
Learn more about this new meditative art form at . There are classes being taught all over the USA.

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Tarot Totes

Tarot Bag Giveaway

Our congratulations go to Lisa McKay of CO and Brandye Melancon of TX for winning tarot bags from Tarot Totes' online store. 

You could win free tarot products too. Simply enter your email address in our newsletter registration box and you are automatically entered in the contest too. See details by going to and clicking the "Giveaway" button in the upper right hand corner. 

Have you already registered? Great! Now, tell a few of your close friends or post the link on your Facebook page. Why not share the fun?

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 Comments (1) Last comment made 
7/13/2013 6:43:15 PM 
Lisa McKay 7/13/2013 6:43:15 PM 
Thank you Betty and Dick for such a lovely design choice of Oak-my favorite tree! I already own a few Tarot bags made by the Diamonds, and I can vouch for their durability and lasting beauty. I also own a two sided spread cloth which is still stunning to look at and wonderful to use. Thank you also for holding these monthly drawings. Winning one of your bags made my summer!

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Tarot Totes

$6.00 tarot bags? Unbelievable! These are going fast!

Don't miss our Summer Clearance Sale THIS MONTH on featured tarot bags! Lots of fabrics! Lots of sizes. You can't beat this price at $6 each. Sale ends when supplies are exhausted or July 31, whichever comes first. These will go fast.  Stock up now! Click HERE

These are not "seconds" or flawed bags. They are the same high-quality bags that we normally sell for $10 to $7, depending on the size. Attire your entire collection with bags from our Ancient Egyptian, Native-American, Animals, Elements, Cats, Fantasy, Woods, and other categories.

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