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Selecting a Tarot Deck

Many people ask me whether there is a set formula for choosing the best tarot deck. The answer is "No, there isn't." This is a question that has often been discussed on tarot forums and boards by members of the American Tarot Association and other groups of readers. Some readers say that it must be one that was given to you. I couldn't disagree more. In fact, most tarot readers feel that the primary concern should be whether the deck is one which you personally enjoy using and one in which you find the art to be appealing. If those two desires are not met, then the deck may not communicate with you. Few readers today feel that it makes any difference whether you buy it yourself or someone gives it to you. What is much more important is whether you like the cards and "connect" with them.

I have been given two decks. I never read with them. They are just not "me"! Instead, I read with four others that I selected for myself.

Another person has not walked in your shoes nor been where you've been or seen the world through your eyes. How could they possibly select a tool to access YOUR intuition as well as you could? Let your intuition be your guide. It will never fail you.

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Tarot Totes

Made new spreadcloths today!


Please take a look at our spreadcloth section today. I've posted two new tarot reading cloths and will soon have matching bags or padded cases made to go with them. Look for Hermit's Lantern and Gifting Angels. There are gold metallic embellishments on the HL fabric. I love sparkle don't you?

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Tarot Totes

Searching for the elusive symbols of Tarot

It's a really good day when I can find a specific fabric after a long and previously unproductive search. Today, I located one of our best selling fabric in yet another background color. When that happens I get a natural high.
For years, our Hermit's Lantern bag has been a popular choice of many customers because it actually has several beautiful gold and silver/pewter lanterns depicted on it. (The Hermit card is often shown with a hermit holding a lantern out in front of him to light his way. Guidance, isn't that what we all seek?.)  The background was gold on that fabric. This one has a cherry red background instead. Yet, the illustrations are the same.   I've been hunting for this fabric all over the place. Since it was first manufactured in 2008, I was worried I couldn't find any more online or at any of my favorite fabric stores. (Manufacturers like to discontinue designs every year. Much to my distress!) I guess my own personal guardian angel was looking out for me because, happily, we can now make a good number of bags and some spreadcloths out of it. I didn't have enough of the gold fabric to make spreadcloths too. Now I can.
While at the same store, I also found more of the Gifting Angels fabric, so I snatched up the last four and half yards of that also. It has been out of print for three years, so supplies are dwindling fast. The angels are small on this one and they go in all directions instead of in two horizonatl rows. I like that though. It will make a better spreadcloth that way. Well, I'm off now to sew those up and get the scans and descriptions online so tarot readers that like angels or the Hermit card can find a tarot reading cloth or bag in their favorite theme or color.
I love doing this. The discoveries are such fun. Just call me a Fabric Addict. You already know I'm a Tarot Addict, if you've seen my list of tarot decks on the FAQ page.

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Tarot Totes

New supply of decks arrived!

Oh I just can't get enough of the decks sets by artist Ciro Marchetti. The artwork is just amazing! Every image is a masterpiece. Today, I got a new shipment from Llewelyn Publishers and it contained Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot, as well as, several best sellers that we like to always have in stock:  Universal Tarot, Egyptian Tarot, and both the small and pocket Crowley Thoths. Happy dance!
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