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Best Tarot Blogging Authors on the Planet

 Like to blog or talk  about tarot? Yeah, me too. I've long been a fan of Mary K. Greer's blog,
but today I discovered a few more. Take a look. Maybe you will find a favorite among them.
  1. Tarot author Corrine Kenner
  2. James Ricklef, well-know writer of tarot fairy tales,  I took a class from him back in the late 90's when I was still a southern California resident. He makes tarot reading such fun!
  3. Barbara Moore, brilliant author and scholar . Is there anything this woman doesn't know? Be sure to explore her links sections.
  4. More later ....

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Tarot Conferences in UK and France

I'm spreading the word. Here's an event notice that I received today from Mary K. Greer: (Please pass the info on to anyone that might be interested in tarot conferences.)

Last minute call to enroll for the September 17-18th Tarosophy Tarot Conference in the beautiful Lake District of the UK. You can get a 1-day (Saturday) or 2-day last-minute ticket to the conference. Hear Ciro Marchetti speak on the Tarot industry, Marcus Katz reveals A. E. Waite’s SECOND Tarot – and more – and Carrie Paris from Santa Fe will arrive with a taste of Tarot. On Sunday Richard Abbot speaks on Numerology and Dan Pelletier takes Tarot out of the box. There’s also a social event on Saturday.

There’s still time to get a ticket for France to attend the September 23rd-25th Association for Tarot Studies’ Convention at a castle in St. Suzanne, France. The line-up is spectacular: Jean-Michel David, Christine Payne-Towler, Robert Mealing, Marcus Katz, Joep van Loon, Yoav Ben-Dov, Russell Sturgess, Enrique Enriquez, Fern Mercier, Dan Pelletier, Major Tom Schick, Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, Lyn Olds, Mafalda Serrano, and Roxanne Flornoy.

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