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Phone psychics will love this

Whoa! I had such fun today making a lovely carrier for my iPhone. I love it so much that I decided to make more . . . and more.  I started with one starry fabric and a solid black cotton fabric. (I'm sure I'll be adding more fabrics and colors as time goes by.)

 Please take a few moments and visit the Tarot Totes catalog to see this lovely new phone/cell carrier.  This product may be the answer to your prayers. You'll never again have to worry about whether what you want to wear has pockets. You won't miss calls because your cell is lost at the bottom of your handbag. 

Many years ago, I worked as a phone psychic. How nice it would have been then to have had an iPhone and this handy carrier to store it in. Today's tarot readers have more options and opportunities. They can use a iPhone or smartphone and either carry a mini tarot deck in with their phone or download one of the many tarot deck apps that Apple's store offers. I have the Goddess Tarot app and one other tarot app based on the Rider Waite. I love to consult them when I'm out and about.

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Tarot Totes

Best and worst questions to ask your tarot reader.

Can't think of a question to ask a tarot reader? We can help with that. The following list of do and don't questions will aid you in getting a more focused tarot reading. 

Don't ask
 "Should I change jobs?"
 "Will I make more money at XYZ company?
 "What are the winning numbers for the lottery?"
 "Is my husband cheating on me?"
 "Is my son using drugs/drinking?" 
 "Are my friends talking about me behind my back?"
 "Should I date Joe/Jennifer?"

Do ask
 "What does the next year of my life look like?" 
 "Please give me information about my going to work at XYZ company."
 "What can I do to increase my income?"
 "How can I put the romance back into my marriage?"
 "What do I need to do to improve my relationship with my teenage son?"
 "What actions can I take that will help me find my soulmate?"

Always ask for guidance and insight regarding your life. Never ask for information about others. It is unethical to pry into the lives of those that have not consented to the tarot reading. Most tarot readers will not do this. Instead they will help you rephrase the question so that it focuses on you rather than on other people.

Ask empowering questions that you can act upon to improve your life. If your life is just the way you like it, then ask for a general reading, which will provide an overview and some possible insights. It might even allow the Universe to send you whatever information you need to hear at that moment. 

For a general overview, I like to get a reading on my birthday each year and ask for a month by month layout with 12 cards, one representing each month. Then I mark the name of the cards on my home calendar. One on each month. That is my guidance card for that month. You can make that quick list right after the reading then transfer it to your calendar later. 

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Tarot Totes

Membership in American Tarot Association

I just renewed my membership in the American Tarot Association. What a fabulous group of people! The first time I joined was way back in 1998 when I first started Tarot Totes as a business. I had been reading tarot for the Psychic Friends Network (Dionne Warwick's org.) at the time and had made tarot bags for my own decks. Then I decided to make a few more bags and sell them on eBay. From there Tarot Totes was born. It just took off on a path of its own and soon a website was added.

I know ATA existed even before that, but I don't have the date. Do you? If so, let me know via blog or email. ATA helped many tarot readers develop a Code of Ethics, which went a long way towards changing the public's viewpoint of tarot readers. Even in those early days, they promoted continuing education and professionalism, two much needed traits in the emerging field.

Personally, I think this organization is the next best thing to chocolate candy. For the tarot reader, novice, or collector in the United States, it is the "must join"  group, if you want to learn more about tarot. 

As a member, you'll receive:

The ATA Quarterly
A fantastic publication packed with informative articles, deck reviews, spreads, and much more! A sample issue is available for download. [PDF]
Tarot Reflections
The ATA's Monthly Online Magazine in email link.
Discounts on Great Tarot Courseware
Discounts of up to 25% on our exclusive ATA courseware. In addition, we offer several correspondence courses which are exclusively available to ATA members. You can't get these great educational resources anywhere else ... at any price! Find out more.
You Can Gain Experience Reading for Others
Members may participate in the highly popular Free Tarot Network and Free Reading Network. Both programs offer great opportunities to build your reading skills and work with experienced mentors! Get the details.
Discounted Conference Fees
Never pay full price again! ATA members receive substantial discounts on membership fees for any ATA-sponsored conference, including regional, national, and virtual conferences!
Access to Members-only Discussion Groups
Participate in exclusive private, email-based discussion groups. These provide a great opportunity to interact with other members ... and hear about ATA events before anyone else!
Get an ATA Email Address
Members may request an email alias. Once in place, any email sent to " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " will be forwarded automatically to your "real" email address or to any pre-existing email address you specify. Unfortunately, they are not able to forward email to AOL addresses at this time, so please have an alternate available.

The annual fee is a mere $25. To learn more about the benefits of membership, visit

Are you currently a member too? If so, please share your viewpoint with our blog readers about the pros and cons of membership. Your comments are welcome. 

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Tarot Totes

Free Tarot Readings

Are you trying to find your soulmate? Do you have a difficult decision to make?  Need to know how to handle a problem? Seeking advice concerning relationships in your life? Want to know which of two choices to make regarding your career?

Why not get a tarot reading? You can get free Tarot readings at the American Tarot Association's networks. 

Free Tarot Readings through the ATA Networks!

The American Tarot Association (ATA) maintains two networks offering free Tarot readings to the public at large. Both networks deliver authentic readings conducted by real people. They do not deliver automated or software-generated readings of any kind.

The Free Tarot Network

The Free Reading Network

Note: The Network's reading staff is small, and can only offer a limited number of free readings per day. If you visit the networks and see no readers are available, try checking back another time. (Tip: the earlier in the day you contact the network, the more frequently you will find readers available.)

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Tarot Totes

Love Fey? Collect Dragons?

September is Fey and Dragon month at Tarot Totes' online store. 

We've deep discounted our tarot bags, padded deck cases, notebook-journals, spreadcloth, altarcloths, and more. Every item has either dragons or fairies on it! Some $8 bags are only $4. (We lose money on those, but its time to move out certain items to make room for different ones.) Stock up for Holiday gift-giving now because these will not be on sale again for at least a year, if we even have any left after this huge clearance sale.

Visit the Sale page in our online Catalog.

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