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Free Tarot Readings

Are you trying to find your soulmate? Do you have a difficult decision to make?  Need to know how to handle a problem? Seeking advice concerning relationships in your life? Want to know which of two choices to make regarding your career?

Why not get a tarot reading? You can get free Tarot readings at the American Tarot Association's networks. 

Free Tarot Readings through the ATA Networks!

The American Tarot Association (ATA) maintains two networks offering free Tarot readings to the public at large. Both networks deliver authentic readings conducted by real people. They do not deliver automated or software-generated readings of any kind.

The Free Tarot Network

The Free Reading Network

Note: The Network's reading staff is small, and can only offer a limited number of free readings per day. If you visit the networks and see no readers are available, try checking back another time. (Tip: the earlier in the day you contact the network, the more frequently you will find readers available.)

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