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Phone psychics will love this

Whoa! I had such fun today making a lovely carrier for my iPhone. I love it so much that I decided to make more . . . and more.  I started with one starry fabric and a solid black cotton fabric. (I'm sure I'll be adding more fabrics and colors as time goes by.)

 Please take a few moments and visit the Tarot Totes catalog to see this lovely new phone/cell carrier.  This product may be the answer to your prayers. You'll never again have to worry about whether what you want to wear has pockets. You won't miss calls because your cell is lost at the bottom of your handbag. 

Many years ago, I worked as a phone psychic. How nice it would have been then to have had an iPhone and this handy carrier to store it in. Today's tarot readers have more options and opportunities. They can use a iPhone or smartphone and either carry a mini tarot deck in with their phone or download one of the many tarot deck apps that Apple's store offers. I have the Goddess Tarot app and one other tarot app based on the Rider Waite. I love to consult them when I'm out and about.

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