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Athena's Owls Tarot Bag
10.00 USD In stock

Athena's Owls Tarot Bag

Price $10.00

Honor the wise and powerful Athena within!

Imbue your cards with the wisdom of the great Athena, Greek Goddess of intellect, knowledge and justice. Known as Minerva to the Romans, Athena gave her name to Athens, the birthplace of democracy. As she so often was depicted in ancient Greece, Athena is represented here as an owl.

At least eight different types of owls appear on this fabric, in variations of brown, rust, tawny, charcoal, and white. Each owl is subtly accented with a thin line of metallic gold, so the surface glints and catches the light.

Pictured: Athena's Owls Regular Tarot Bag with (clockwise from top) Athena as the Queen of Swords from Lisa Hunt's Animals Divine Tarot, the Owl as the Moon Card from The Animal Totem Tarot by Robertson and Smith, and owl depicted on card XVI, The Spiral Tower from the Arthurian Tarot by Matthews, Matthews, and Gray. Cards not included.

Owl Symbolism

The owl's nocturnal nature has led to similar associations in many different cultures. In Egyptian, Celtic, Hindu, and many Native American traditions, owls are guardians of the underworld and protectors of the spirits of the dead. To many indigenous peoples of the Americas, West Africa, and Australia, the owl is a keeper of secrets and is a common companion to seers and medicine people.

People the world over view the owl as a ruler of the night and a seer of truths in darkness. They allow one's soul to fly free of the physical plane into the realm of spirit. No wonder the owl is the totem of the wise!

Size: Measures approx 5" by 7-3/4" to 8" inches (12.7 x 19.7 cm). Fits most standard tarot card decks (3" x 5" or smaller).

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Athenas Owls Tarot Bag - Tarot Bag Owls of Athena
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