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Tarot Resources

Our Tarot Resources section is a place for all to grow, learn, share, wonder, and wander through the tarot and other divination methods. If you're new to tarot cards and tarot card reading, or a tarot expert, we hope you will find something here to further your tarot skills.

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Rider Waite Tarot Cards Spread


About Tarot: A brief introduction to what tarot is and what it is not.

Learning to Read Tarot Cards: A bit of advice about learning to read tarot cards.

Tarot on Film: See how much tarot pops up in pop culture in our Tarot in the Movies and Tarot in TV pages. 

Ethics of Tarot: The ethical obligations of tarot readers, professional and amateur

Tarot Spreads: A few spreads or layouts for reading tarot cards.

Smudging Your Cards and Reading Space: Instructions for how to "smudge" or cleanse negative energy from your deck of cards and your home or reading space.

Tarot Links

Aeclectic Tarot: One of the most popular websites about tarot and tarot cards, Aeclectic has reviews for nearly every tarot card deck ever created!

American Tarot Association: An official organization based in the USA for tarot professionals and enthusiasts.

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