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Cartouche Regular Tarot Bag
10.00 USD In stock

Cartouche Regular Tarot Bag

Price $10.00
Decorated with fans, lotus blossoms, cats, feathers, paw prints, birds, and other items inspired by the symbolic inscriptions in tombs and temples of ancient Egypt, this black fabric bag is perfect to house an Egyptian themed tarot or oracle deck. It is shown at right with two cards from Silvana Alasia's Egyptian Tarot.

Egyptian Symbols: For thousands of years the ancient Egyptians lived as a highly developed, stable society with a rich and sophisticated religio-spiritual belief system. The following descriptions of a few of the symbols on this bag barely scratch the surface of Egyptian symbolism.

  • Feathers: The ancient Egyptian word for feather was shut and was a symbol of the God of the Air, Shu. A feather in ancient Egypt was usually intended to represent Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth and Order. She was always depicted with an ostrich feather in her hair and the feather itself was her symbol. The feather on this bag is the ostrich feather of Ma'at.

  • Lotus Blossoms: The lotus flower closes every night and sinks below the water's surface, only to rise again in the morning. As such, the sacred blue lotus (seshen in ancient Egyptian) depicted on this bag is a symbol of rebirth. It was closely associated with the Osirian cult and funerary ceremonies. The Egyptian Book of the Dead even contains spells to transform oneself into a lotus to fulfill the promise of resurrection.

  • Cat's Paws: Many animals were held in esteem by ancient Egyptians, but none more so than the cat. Cats themselves were seen as semi-divine. Because Egyptians relied on grains more than any other food crop, cats were crucial to keep mice and rats at bay. While many deities were associated with the feline, the best known are Bastet and Sekhmet.

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Size: Measures about 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall (approx. 13 x 20 cm). Fits most standard Tarot card decks (3" x 5" and smaller).

All of our bags are individually handcrafted with care to ensure quality. Please allow for slight, natural variations in size of the bag and pattern placement.

Cartouche Regular Tarot Bag - Tarot Bags | Cartouche Egyptian
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All of our cloth and silk products are individually handcrafted with care to ensure quality.
Please allow for slight, natural variations in size and pattern placement.

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