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Queen at Court Regular Tarot Bag
10.00 USD In stock

Queen at Court Regular Tarot Bag

Price $10.00

Elegant scrolls, diamonds, leaves, and blossoms decorate the horizon lines of this beautiful fabric. A bag made from this cloth is ideal for decks with illustrations, borders, or backs that have intricate patterns.

By the way, each bag ends up looking slightly different because the lines of patterned designs (scrolls, diamonds, etc.) may occur high, low, or in the middle of the bag.

We think the following decks would match nicely in color scheme or design with this bag: Giotto Tarot (back shown with bag in picture), The Golden Rider (backs), Celtic Tarot (backs & illustrations), Tarot of the Witches (backs), Cosmic Tarot (deck illustrations; see Lovers card), Castelli's Tarot Art Nouveau (card illustrations), Paulina Tarot (card illustrations), Classic Tarot (card illustrations), and Trevisan's Tarot of the Renaissance (card illustrations).

Size: Regular bag, approx. 5 x 8 inches. Fits standard sized decks. Pick color of drawcoard from option list.

Queen at Court Regular Tarot Bag
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See Cord Colors (bags only)

Note on images: Due to variances among color monitors, the colors on your screen may appear differently than the actual product. We strive to make the colors in our images as accurate as possible.

All of our cloth and silk products are individually handcrafted with care to ensure quality.
Please allow for slight, natural variations in size and pattern placement.

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